Say My Name (2018) + The Guilty Feminist

7pm, Sunday 17 March, Opera House

Running Time: 
1 hour 30 mins
: Jay Stern
Country: UK
Cert: 18

To round off the festival, we’re pleased to bring you ‘Say My Name’, a new, fast-paced British comedy produced by and starring Lisa Brenner and written by none other than the host of The Guilty Feminist podcast, Deborah Frances-White. We’re following this with a short Guilty Feminist with Deborah and Lisa, featuring some great stand-up comedy and a discussion on ‘Say My Name’.
“I’m a feminist but…”

About the film
When a one-night stand gets interrupted by a robbery, two complete strangers are forced to navigate the seedy underbelly of a sleepy Welsh isle in order to get back their stolen property. Along the way, their opposite personalities and differing outlooks on life bring them to a boiling point.

This indie romantic comedy written by British comedian Deborah Frances-White, invites viewers along on the duo’s night of unwanted self-discovery, that will have the couple either hating or loving each other by the morning.

Tickets £8 (includes fees)

Film ends at 8:30pm, the whole event will end at approx. 9:45pm.

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I’m No Angel (1933) #Circus250

Friday Matinee #circus250 screening: Doors open 1:45pm, Screening starts 2pm, Friday 16 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1933
Running Time: 87 minutes
Director: Wesley Ruggles
Starring: Mae West, Cary Grant, Gregory Ratoff
Genre: Comedy
Tira (Mae West) is a circus dancer and lion tamer with a taste for the finer things in life. She can hardly afford a champagne lifestyle on a sideshow performer’s salary, but with a string of rich admirers she rarely goes without gifts of fancy clothes and jewellery.
Wealthy Jack Clayton (Cary Grant) is one of the men smitten with Tira, until her small-time crook and boyfriend Slick Wiley (Ralf Harolde) threatens their engagement. But Mae isn’t one to take “no” for an answer.
Will she be able to marry her dream man, or will the circus keep its main attraction?
With plenty of cheeky quips and sassy one-liners, Mae West penned the dialogue to this racy pre-Code hit. In fact, many film historians cite her as one of the reasons that the Hollywood production code was introduced. With infamous lines such as:
‘It’s not the men in your life that count, it’s the life in your men.’ and “When I’m good I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.” this is West as her risqué finest.
Tickets £5.
Early bird discount: Book before 1 March 2018 to receive 20% off
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This is a #Circus250 event:
Blackpool has been named as one of the UK’s six Cities of Circus and the resort will be included in a year-round programme of events to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the world’s very first circus in this country.


Opening Night Party: Some Like it Hot (1959)

Doors open 6:45pm, Screening starts 7:30pm, Friday 16 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1959
Running Time: 121 mins
Director: Billy Wilder
Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon
Cert: 12

We’re heading down to Florida with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators in this fabulous musical comedy starring screen legend Marilyn Monroe with the iconic Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Arguably the best and most popular comedy ever made, join us for a screening of Billy Wilder’s classic screwball tale of cross-dressing Jazz musicians, gangsters, and a knockout blonde.

When down on their luck jazz musicians (Curtis and Lemmon) witness a speakeasy gang war, they find themselves out of a job and on the run from a ruthless gangster. Broke and looking for somewhere to hide, a gig with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators at a Florida beach resort seems like the perfect getaway. There’s just one problem: the Syncopators are an all-female band, and Joe and Jerry aren’t women – yet.

Armed with some dodgy wigs and wobbly falsettos, Joe and Jerry manage to join the Syncopators, where they meet Sugar Kane: a hooch-swilling, ukulele-playing knockout with a soft spot for badboy saxophone players. Barely able to believe their good fortune, things start to go off the rails for the pair when they begin to attract unwanted attention from lecherous millionaires and some familiar faces show up at their hotel for a gathering of the country’s most dangerous criminals.


59 years after its original release and including brilliant performances,  lots of laughs and a sparkling restoration on the Opera House big screen, this is an event not to be missed!


Dance Party!

Make sure that you wear your dancing shoes as we’re holding a 1920s dance party after the screening in the Grand Foyer with live dance band the Billionaires. Meet some colourful 1920’s characters and Charleston the night away in style!

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Standard Entry £10:

  • Cocktail on arrival in the secret speakeasy bar
  • Ticket for Film Screening in the Opera House

Party Entry £15:

  • Cocktail on arrival in the secret speakeasy bar
  • Ticket for Film Screening in Opera House
  • Entry to the 1920s swing dance party in the Grand Foyer: Live music and dance

VIP Entry £20

  • Cocktail on arrival in the secret speakeasy bar
  • Ticket for Film Screening in Opera House
  • Entry to the 1920s swing dance party in the Grand Foyer: Live music and dance
  • Have your souvenir photo taken by our professional photographer in our art deco setting – includes print and postage.
  • Reserved front-row tables at the party.

This event is a fundraiser to restore the 35mm film projectors in the Opera House.

Please note that we have weekend wristbands available for £45 and £50.

If you have already bought opening night tickets and want to upgrade when the full programme is announced, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

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Buster Keaton Short Films (1920 – 1922)

11:00am, Saturday 4 February, Opera House

Year: 1920-1922        Running Time:  1h 07 mins

Director: E.F. Cline & B Keaton

Starring: Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Sybil Seely

Cert: U

Three of Keaton’s classic short films featuring breathtaking stunts and feats of visual trickery, which never lose sight of slapstick cinema’s primary objective: laughter.

One Week (1920)

Newlyweds Buster and Sybil receive a flat-pack house that you can easily put together in one week as a wedding gift. However, Sybil’s rejected suitor sabotages the gift by messing around with the instructions.

Will they ever build their home sweet home?

The Goat (1921)

There are escapades a-plenty when a photography mishap causes Buster to be mistaken for bad guy Dead Shot Dan. Can Buster’s disguises and quick-thinking elude the the local police chief?

Cops (1922)

Buster accidentally gets in trouble with the whole Los Angeles Police Department leading to a huge chase through the city with involving hundreds of police officers.

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Tickets £5

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Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)

12:15pm, Saturday 4 February, Opera House

Year: 1949        Running Time:  1h 46 mins
Director: Robert Hamer
Starring: Dennis Price, Alec Guinness, Valerie Hobson
Cert: U

A distant poor relative of the Duke of D’Ascoyne plots to inherit the title by murdering eight other heirs who stand ahead of him in the line of succession. This is one of Ealing Studio’s wittiest and blackest comedies.

Set on avenging his mother’s disinheritance and reclaiming his birthright, Louis D’Ascoyne Mazzini, the 10th Duke of Chalfont sets about dispatching the D’Ascoynes one at a time. Alec Guinness is in unforgettable form, playing all eight members of the doomed D’Ascoyne family.

So do come along to the Opera House to enjoy this sophisticated and wonderfully inventive Golden-Age Ealing comedy.

Tickets £5

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Young Frankenstein (1974)

Date: Sunday 24 January
Venue: Derham Lounge
Time: 7:30pm

Tickets: £5

Young Frankenstein

Year: 1974  Running Time: 106

Director: Mel Brooks
Starring: Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, Kenneth Mars, Gene Hackman, Richard Haydn, Teri Garr, Liam Dunn, Danny Goldman, Oscar Beregi, Richard Roth, Mel Brooks
Cert: PG

Genre: Comedy

A nostalgic, hilarious spoof-tribute to classic horror films, and in particular, of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. It was shot in the same castle and with the same props and lab equipment as the original 1931 Frankenstein film.

Dr. Frankenstein aims to fulfil his grandfather’s legacy by bringing a corpse back to life. With help and hindrance from servant Igor, buxom assistant Inga and needy fiancée Elizabeth, his experiment yields success and unexpected consequences.

Young Frankenstein received two Academy Awards nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound. Watch out for the wonderfully crisp black-and-white cinematography by Gerald Hirschfeld too.

We’re ending the Winter Gardens Film Festival on a high with a real riot of a film. It has a range of slapstick and farce to dirty, bawdy humour to irreverent satire. Something for everyone!

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Tickets are available from the Winter Gardens Box Office, Church Street or online via Ticketmaster (booking fee applies).


Young Frankenstein trailer

Frances Ha (2013)

Date: Sunday 24 January
Venue: Derham Lounge
Time: 5:30pm

Tickets: £5

Frances Ha

Year: 2013  Running Time: 86
Director: Noah Baumbach
Starring: Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner, Adam Driver
Cert: 15
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Greta Gerwig is Frances, a young woman in New York trying to sort out her ambitions, her finances, and her close but changing relationship with her best friend, Sophie.

Written by Baumbach and Gerwig, Frances Ha gets at both the frustrations and the joys of being young and unsure of where to go next. Witty and carefree, this sparkling city romance is a fine example of contemporary independent American cinema.

Frances Ha Trailer

Frances Ha – Official Theatrical Trailer from IFC Films on Vimeo.

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Tickets are available from the Winter Gardens Box Office, Church Street or online via Ticketmaster (booking fee applies).

Modern Times (1936)

Date: Sunday 24 January
Venue: Baronial Hall
Time: 3:30pm

Tickets: £5

Modern Times

Year: 1936  Running Time: 87
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman
Cert: U
Genre: Comedy

Over 100 years since his most famous character The Little Tramp appeared on screen and 112 years since Charlie Chaplin appeared on stage at the Winter Gardens,  we are screening his classic comedy Modern Times.

Featuring several of the most celebrated sequences in comic cinema and a musical score written by Chaplin himself, this is a cutting satire of the Great Depression and the dehumanising effects of industrial development.

Paulette Goddard stars as The Gamin who joins the Little Tramp in escaping from the big city. Feel like escaping modern life?  This film is as engaging today as 80 years ago.

Sing As We Go (1934)

Date: Sunday 24 January
Venue: Baronial Hall
Time: 1:45pm

Tickets: £5

Sing As We Go

Year: 1934  Running Time: 80
Director: Basil Dean
Starring: Gracie Fields, John Loder, Dorothy Hyson
Cert: U
Genre: Comedy

When the textile mill closes, putting her out of work, Gracie finds herself experiencing all of the amusements of Blackpool.

The most famous and fondly recalled of Gracie Fields’ British vehicles, Sing as We Go! captures vividly the sights, sounds, slang, customs and attitudes of the working classes in 1930s industrial Lancashire, while at the same time conveying a genuine sense of joyousness and delight.