Winter Gardens Film 2022

Blackpool School of Arts Film Showcase

Saturday 12  March 2022
Doors open 7pm, screening starts 7.30pm
Winter Gardens Pavilion



Student filmmakers from Blackpool School of Arts present a selection of their own short films.  Introduced by the filmmakers themselves and followed by a Q&A session, this is definitely an event for anyone with an interest in contemporary film work.

Not only is this an evening of entertainment, it’s a great chance for creatives to network with fellow filmmakers; and if you’re curious to know what goes on  ‘behind the scenes’, you’ll love hearing all about the filmmaking process.

Tickets: FREE

Our filmmakers

Rob Mckinney
Studies film at Blackpool school of arts. Always had a passion for all things related to motion picture and creativity.

James Velli 
My name is James Lawrence Velli and I am an Italian-English Filmmaker from Blackpool, my focus within filmmaking is very much the translation of ideas and feelings through cinematic form. Telling short and widely interpretable stories through the manipulation of appropriate lighting and sound design is my approach to the experimental nature of my working and has ultimately earned my latest short film several awards.

Jack Taylor 
My name is Jack Thomas Taylor, I am a cinematographer and video editor. My main forte is creating music videos, as this is where I have most freedom over focusing mainly on the visual aspects of film and creating a story to go along with the music, establishing a relationship between the two. I enjoy lots of different types of music, so this is another reason for music videos being what I enjoy the most.

Jasmine Kinmond
My name is Jasmine Kinmond and I’ve been studying Filmmaking at the Blackpool Fylde College for a few years now. I’ve always enjoyed watching films especially whilst growing up as I find It interesting to see how films have changed over time. I mostly love films that feel nostalgic as they bring back memories of my childhood, my passion is to recreate those feelings into my works.

Chris Bowyer 
Chris Bowyer is a student at the Blackpool School of Arts studying Filmmaking. With a successful career in the theatre and stage industry and after working with several magic acts from Britains Got Talent, Chris decided to enrol on the filmmaking course. His first short film Mary 2021, has received film festival recognition and won 3 awards. Chris is currently looking forward to graduating and moving into the film and TV industry to see where his new career path will take him. 

Jake Jones 
My name is Jake Jones and I am a passionate storyteller who loves making films, I’ve been honing my craft and creating films for nearly 6 years. I especially love coming up with new and innovative ways to capture my shots, I feel that it sets my work apart from everyone else. I feel that filmmaking is the pinnacle of digital art and has the power to convey emotional and thrilling stories in a way that no other art form can.

Elenor Preston
My name is Eleanor Preston. I am a filmmaking student at Blackpool School of Arts. I’m on my 3rdyear of the degree and it has been challenging, especially during the pandemic. 

As well as a filmmaking student, I do drama outside of Blackpool School of Arts. I go to a theatre group called TramShed Theatre Company, it’s an inclusive theatre group based in Blackpool where everyone has different abilities. Recently, I have done a graduation film about TramShed, it is called, TramShed Theatre Company: Real Stories. 

I also have a different ability myself. I am autistic and I find it really hard to interact with people. When I leave university, I would like to do a job that involves freelance film editing and I would like to work from home as well.

Jacob Voigt 
My name is Jacob Voigt and I’ve been a film fan and aspiring filmmaker for all of my life. I started my own wedding photography business to help get me through University and through it have been practicing and further developing my skills behind the camera.

I enjoy all genres of film but have strong passion for the horror and action genre as they’re the genres I find most freeing visually. Film has been a part of my life for as long as I remember and to have the opportunity to make my own is a dream come true.



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