Prince Achmed Animation Workshop

​1pm Saturday 17 March 2018, Opera House Activity Room B

Feeling inspired after watching The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) with live score?
​Come to our animation workshop and learn how to make your own short film influenced by early film-maker Lotte Reiniger​. You’ll find out how to make and animate adventurous characters, striking scenery and fabulous beasts, so let your imagination run riot!
  • Workshop length: 2 hours
  • Suitable for over 6 years and adults who are young at heart!
  • All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult(1 chaperone place included with ticket).
  • We are charging a small fee (£3) to guarantee attendance as we have very limited places.
The workshop will follow a screening of the The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) with live score at 11am.
This event has been supported by the DM Thomas Foundation​

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Film Masterclass on Producing and Directing with Brad James

A practical masterclass looking at ways to capture a sense of place. Brad will also offer guidance on the process of production, highlighting ways to establish a career in the field.

This session offers emerging film-makers a one-off opportunity to learn from an experienced Blackpool-based producer currently working in the industry.

There are 25 places available and it’s open to all, regardless of experience level.

This session is suitable for anyone with a love for the world of film and media, especially those with a passion for directing and producing.

Time: 1pm – 4:30pm
30 min break at 2:30pm

About Brad:
Born and raised in the small seaside town of Blackpool, Brad James was inspired by the bright lights and creativity the town had to offer. Having studied at the Westminster Film School in London and launched NOW TV for Sky Television, Brad went on to apply a unique cinematic aesthetic to produce commercials for the theatrical release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Now back to his hometown, Brad has founded a production company called Lyceum Entertainment, dedicated to giving home-grown talent their first professional credit and their foot in the door of a competitive industry.

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Güeros (2014)

5:30pm, Saturday 17 March 2018, Grand Foyer

Year: 2014
Running Time: 1 hour 46 minutes
Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cert: 15

Set amidst the 1999 student strikes in Mexico City, this coming-of-age tale follows two brothers venturing through the city in a sentimental search for an ageing legendary musician.

Tomás is too much for his lone mother so she sends him to live with his older brother Federico, (aka Sombra) and his roommate Santos, in Mexico City.

Both are students at the university, but they spend most of their time hanging out at home having boycotted school for the past few months as part of an ongoing student strike. Boredom leads the trio to embark on an unusual mission when they find out that their late father’s musical hero, Epigmenio Cruz is dying.

Travelling through the city in their rusty car soon becomes a voyage of self-discovery in this road movie in which the travellers barely manage to leave town.

With witty dialogue and crisp black and white cinematography, Güeros is a must for fans of New Wave cinema and anyone looking to experience new Mexican film-making at its best.

Winner of 21 awards including Best First Feature, Berlin International Film Festival 2014 Winner Best Cinematography Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Winner of 5 Mexican Ariel “Academy Awards”, including Best Film and Best Director.

Tickets £5.00 

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Lancaster Millennium Choir present ‘The Lone Ranger’

1:45pm Saturday 17 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1949
Running Time: 60 mins
Director: George B. Seitz Jr.
Starring: Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels
Genre: Western, Television
Cert: U

Lancaster Millennium Choir returns to the festival with their unique take on black & white classics. This year they bring us The Lone Ranger.

Experience the first episode of the classic 1950s series as you’ve never seen (or heard it) before…!

This is a relaxed/dementia-friendly screening.

This means that we will have:

  • Friendly ushers to meet, greet and seat you
  • The Opera House will be adapted to be as calming and comfortable as possible:
    • There will be low level lighting throughout the performance so people can move around
    • The volume is slightly lower
    • Singing along is not only allowed but positively encouraged!
  • Wheelchair spaces are available

Tickets are free with an optional £3 donation on the door.

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Maxine Peake as Hamlet

5:30pm, Sunday 18 March, Opera House

Manchester’s Royal Exchange present this unique production of Hamlet

Year: Filmed at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre in 2015
Running Time: 3 hours 04 mins, no interval
Director: Sarah Frankcom
Genre: Drama, Shakespeare
Cert: BBFC Unclassified

Shakespeare’s most iconic work, Hamlet explodes with big ideas and is the ultimate story of loyalty, love, betrayal, murder and madness.
From its sell-out run at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre comes a film version of this unique and critically acclaimed production of HAMLET with BAFTA-nominee Maxine Peake in the title role. This groundbreaking stage production, directed by Sarah Frankcom, was Royal Exchange’s fastest-selling show in a decade.

Alongside Maxine Peake as the eponymous prince, a number of other roles, including Polonious and Rosencrantz, are also played by women. HAMLET is brought to cinemas by film director Margaret Williams, whose Written on Skin (Royal Opera House/BBC) won many awards including the Diapason d’Or. The film is produced by Anne Beresford and Debbie Gray, the team behind the highly successful cinema broadcast of Peter Grimes on Aldeburgh Beach which Margaret also directed.

Every scene offers at least one subtle-to-jolting twist on the HAMLET you think you know.

Tickets: £7.50

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Cast & Talent:

Designer – Amanda Stoodley
Lighting – Lee Curran
Sound – Peter Rice
Composer – Alex Baranowski

Hamlet – Maxine Peake
Horatio – Thomas Arnold
Claudius – John Shrapnel
Ophelia – Katie West
Marcella – Claire Benedict
Polonia – Gillian Bevan


BOMBSHELL: The Hedy Lamarr Story (2017)

7pm, Sunday 18 March 2018, Grand Foyer

Year: 2017
Running Time: 89 minutes (Q&A approx 30 mins)
Director: Alexandra Dean
Genre: Documentary

A film by Alexandra Dean
Produced by Susan Sarandon

Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr (Ziegfeld Girl, Samson and Delilah) was known as the world’s most beautiful woman – Snow White and Cat Woman were both based on her iconic look. However, her arresting looks and glamorous life stood in the way of her being given the credit she deserved as an ingenious inventor whose pioneering work helped revolutionize modern communication.

Mislabeled as “just another pretty face,” Hedy’s true legacy is that of a technological trailblazer. She was an Austrian Jewish emigré who invented a covert communication system to try and help defeat the Nazis, then gave her patent to the Navy, but wasignored and tol to sell kisses for war bonds instead. It was only towards the very endof her life that tech pioneers discovered her concept which is now used as the basis forsecure WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Hedy never publicly talked about her life as an inventor and so her family thought her story died when she did. But in 2016, director Alexandra Dean and producer Adam Haggiag unearthed four never-before-heard audio tapes of Hedy speaking on the record about her incredible life.

Combining this newly discovered interview with intimate reflections from her children, closest friends, family and admirers, including Mel Brooks and Robert Osborne, BOMBSHELL (executive produced by Susan Sarandon, Michael Kantor and Regina Scully) finally gives Hedy Lamarr the chance to tell her own story.

Tickets £6

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vote 100 banner

This screening is part of our Women in Focus day:
To mark #Vote100 we dedicate Sunday of the film festival to women in film. Focusing on female directors, strong female leads, films that pass the Bechdel test. There will be discussions, craftivism workshops and resource/awareness raising for local women’s services running alongside the film programme.

#Vote100 – Find out more

The Black Gloves (2017) + Director Q&A

Doors open 7:15pm, Screening starts 7:30pm, Saturday 17 March 2018, Opera House

Followed by Q&A with Director Laurie Brewster at 9pm in the Grand Foyer

Year: 2017
Running Time: 80 minutes
Director: Laurie Brewster
Starring: Macarena Gómez, Nicholas Vince, Alexandra Nicole Hulme, Craig J. Seath, Jamie Scott Gordon
Cert: 18
Genre: Horror

The terrifying story of Dr. Finn Galloway, a psychologist obsessed with the death of his young patient and her belief in a strange and terrifying figure that plagued her nightmares. His investigations lead him to a reclusive ballerina who, just like his patient, is convinced that she is about to die at the hands of this disturbing entity. Deep in the Scottish highlands, Dr. Galloway counsels his new patient, under the watchful eye of her sinister ballet teacher.

Inspired by classic chillers such as Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Jack Clayton’s The Innocents, The Black Gloves is a Film Noir that combines chilling supernatural horror with deep psychological dread.

The 1940s-set film was shot in a remote mansion in the Scottish Highlands during 2016 and 2017 and received significant funding from a Kickstarter campaign which raised over £50,000 from more than 600 backers.

This screening is followed by a Q&A with director Lawrie Brewster.

Lawrie Brewster is passionate about making bold, original horror films that are rich with mythology and lore. His previous films ‘Lord of Tears’ and ‘The Unkindness of Ravens’ have both received critical acclaim, as well as, most importantly, high praise from horror fans who are hungry for something different.

Tickets £7.50

Early bird discount: 10% off of tickets booked before 5 March 2018.

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I’m No Angel (1933) #Circus250

Friday Matinee #circus250 screening: Doors open 1:45pm, Screening starts 2pm, Friday 16 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1933
Running Time: 87 minutes
Director: Wesley Ruggles
Starring: Mae West, Cary Grant, Gregory Ratoff
Genre: Comedy
Tira (Mae West) is a circus dancer and lion tamer with a taste for the finer things in life. She can hardly afford a champagne lifestyle on a sideshow performer’s salary, but with a string of rich admirers she rarely goes without gifts of fancy clothes and jewellery.
Wealthy Jack Clayton (Cary Grant) is one of the men smitten with Tira, until her small-time crook and boyfriend Slick Wiley (Ralf Harolde) threatens their engagement. But Mae isn’t one to take “no” for an answer.
Will she be able to marry her dream man, or will the circus keep its main attraction?
With plenty of cheeky quips and sassy one-liners, Mae West penned the dialogue to this racy pre-Code hit. In fact, many film historians cite her as one of the reasons that the Hollywood production code was introduced. With infamous lines such as:
‘It’s not the men in your life that count, it’s the life in your men.’ and “When I’m good I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.” this is West as her risqué finest.
Tickets £5.
Early bird discount: Book before 1 March 2018 to receive 20% off
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This is a #Circus250 event:
Blackpool has been named as one of the UK’s six Cities of Circus and the resort will be included in a year-round programme of events to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the world’s very first circus in this country.


The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

With Live Score By Chris Davies

Doors open 10:45am, Screening starts 11:00am, Saturday 17 16 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1926
Running Time: 67 mins
Director: Lotte Reiniger
Cert: PG
Genre: Animation, family, art film

Lotte Reiniger’s beautiful 1926 silhouette animation, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, brings to life magical tales from the Arabian Nights.

First shown in 1926 in Germany by Lotte Reiniger. It’s preserved in the BFI National Archive and is the oldest surviving animated feature film and still stands as one of the great classics of animation — witty, lively, delicate, inventive, stirring and romantic.

Three years in the making, made in card, cut entirely by hand, Reiniger’s exquisite shadow characters move intricately through colourful worlds of demons, witches, beautiful princesses and flying castles.

The film features a silhouette animation technique Reiniger had invented which involved manipulated cutouts made from cardboard and thin sheets of lead moved frame-by-frame under a camera. Several famous avant-garde animators worked on this film with Lotte Reiniger, among them Walter Ruttmann, Berthold Bartosch and Carl Koch.

Musician Chris Davies reinvigorates the film with his skillful composition and live performance using a spectacular array of instruments from around the world to accompany Prince Achmed’s journey from the Middle East, to Africa, China and beyond.

Instruments used in this production:

Classical guitar, oud, darbuka, gong rack, bass drum, djembe, tin whistle, bowed psaltery, xylophones, thumb piano, zither, crystal singing bowl, bamboo flute, soprano saxophone, rattles, shakers and bells, voice, sequencing and computer programming.

Tickets: Adults £5, children £2.50.
Special early bird offer: buy one adult ticket get one child ticket free – book before 5 March 2018.

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Shiraz: A Romance of India (1928)

5pm, Saturday 17 March 2018, Opera House

Year: 1928

Running Time: 1h 45 mins
Director: Franz Osten
Starring: Himansu Rai, Enakshi Rama Rau, Charu Roy
Language: Silent
Cert: U

Based on the romance between 17th-century Mughal ruler Shah Jahan and his queen, this epic silent film is the ravishing, romantic tale behind the creation of one of the world’s most iconic structures: the Taj Mahal.

Shot entirely on location in India, it features lavish costumes and gorgeous settings.

Produced by and starring Indian film legend Himansu Rai, the film is performed by an all-Indian cast, featuring Rai as humble potter Shiraz, who follows his childhood sweetheart Selima when she’s sold by slave traders to the future emperor.

We’re pleased to present this beautiful new restoration by the BFI National Archive which features a specially commissioned score by the Grammy Award-winning composer Anoushka Shankar.

Tickets £5

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