Blackpool on Film: Mars (2022)

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All Charlie has ever wanted is a normal teenage existence – at least that’s what she thinks.

Charlie Acaster is an absolutely normal teenage girl.
That isn’t true.

Charlie Acaster isn’t any more abnormal than any other teenager.
That’s a bit closer.

Charlie Acaster is a sixteen-year-old trans girl living in Blackpool. On paper, she knows that differences are to be embraced, but in reality she only wants to fit in. While her best friend Maisie heads off to a house party, Charlie must attend a support group instead, and talk about her feelings with a bunch of other kids.

Over the course of one extraordinary night, Charlie will take a significant step forward in embracing who she truly is. 

Mars is an exciting original scripted short from Mercury Studios (My Life as a Rolling Stone, Sam Smith ‘Love Goes’) , the new television and film arm of Universal Music, and Interscope Films (Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry) 

Produced by Cat Marshall, Dominic Harrison (Yungblud) and Stefan Demetriou.
Known for voicing what he feels are major concerns for his generation, 24-year-old Yungblud aims to use his music to unite and empower the youth of today. His song ‘Mars’ directly led to the idea for an original short of the same name; although the song’s narrative is not reflected in the film.

Shot on location in Blackpool in November 2022. Post-production and VFX produced by Ghost at The Farm, Manchester

The majority of the pre-production, principal photography and post were delivered in the north of England, utilising local talent and expertise in front of and behind the camera.

Pay What You Can screening: Everyone is welcome to attend and pay… whatever you can.  Free ,£1, £3.50, £5, £10 – whatever you can afford to give. You’ll be able to choose a price at checkout.

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