Mr Blackpool: A First Look

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Mr Blackpool

Harry Clayton-Wright gives the Winter Gardens Film Festival an exclusive first look at Mr Blackpool, a brand new show from Harry Clayton-Wright and Marlborough Productions. An end of the pier show at the end of the world, providing a last breath of entertainment while the world around us burns. Mr Blackpool – described as a “post-apocalyptic Liberace” – will take the form of an all singing, all dancing, visually arresting, summer season seaside special. Following a year long research and development period, Harry worked with photographer Matt Crockett and filmmaker Mark Yeoman to shoot across Blackpool and produce exciting visuals that reflect the character and the world they inhabit. Ahead of the production’s premiere in 2024, where these visuals will eventually situate, Harry will talk through the development process so far and give Winter Gardens Film Festival audiences a very special first look at the glamorous world of Mr Blackpool.

Mr Blackpool – Teaser 

Film by Mark Yeoman.
Photography by Matt Crockett.
Costume Design by Ryan Dawson Laight.
Costume Construction by Kingsley Hall.
Location Makeup by Guy Common.
Studio Makeup by Blu Romantic.
Produced by Catherine Mugonyi.
Executive Produced by David Sheppeard.
Assisted by Claire Griffiths, Laura Catlow and Mykey Young.
Graphic Design by Polari.
Video Design by Adam Young / FRAY Studio.
Original Compositions by Simon Pearson.

With special thanks to Palma Cafe, Haworth’s Prize Bingo, Funny Girls, Blackpool Model Village and Gardens and North Pier.

Mr Blackpool R&D commissioned by Marlborough Productions, Homotopia, Shoreditch Town Hall and Cambridge Junction with support from The Old Electric and using public funding by Arts Council England.

Image Description: An empty arcade with a 2p machine, basketball throwing game and fruit machine with a large grabber machine in shot. Inside the large grabber machine sits Mr Blackpool (performed by Harry Clayton-Wright) wearing a lilac tracksuit and large lilac feather headdress, embellished with beads and rhinestones. Mr Blackpool, wearing glasses and with big black beard, has pale white skin with pink blush, purple lipstick, black smokey eyes with purple glitter and pencil thin eyebrows

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