9 1⁄2 - 9.5mm amateur archive films from around the globe (2022)

Nine Half

100 years
6 continents
22 film archives and collections

As part of the centenary of 9.5mm the association INEDITS Amateur Films / Memory of Europe presents: 9 1⁄2, a montage film featuring 9.5mm amateur films from around the globe.

In 1922, thanks to the Pathé company, 9.5mm film was born in France. It was the first film format designed for home-made cinema. The movies therefore began to come out of the theatrical space and enter directly into the homes of spectators, transforming them into operators, directors and experimenters. From Japan to New Zealand, from Brazil to Chile, from Congo to Canada, the amateur camera became the medium to capture family moments, scenic travel episodes and the nuances of everyday life over time.

Constructed in three movements – travelogues, interactions with loved ones and experiments – 9 1⁄2 is a visual symphony of everyday life, through 9.5mm footage shot by amateurs from all over the world. 

The film celebrates the centenary of the Pathé Baby film gauge, projector and camera. This screening is part of a 2022/23 year-long theatrical world tour.

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