2016 Programme

Friday 22 January 2016strip

Grand Foyer Bar

19:00 Drinks Reception

21:15 Launch Party

Opera House

19:45 Gala screening: 42nd Street


Saturday 23 January

Opera House

11:00 – 14:00   How to Survive the 1940’s (free screening part of Winter Gardens Open Day)

14:00 Play along George Formby: Keep your Seats Please

17:00 Man with a Movie Camera (silent film with live Wurlitzer accompaniment)

19:00 Much Ado About Nothing


Foyer Bar

13:00 Ukulele warm-up/tune-up session

16:00 Guest Speaker

18:30 Carnival of Souls: Cinema in the Dark

21:00 Carnival of Souls


Grundy Art Gallery

14:00 Ida (Polish language film)


Sunday 24 January

Derham Lounge

13:00 Introduction to Sing as We Go by Mayor of Blackpool (1934)

13:45 Sing As We Go

15:30 Modern Times (silent film)

17:30 Frances Ha

19:30 Young Frankenstein




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