Buster Keaton Short Films (1920 – 1922)

11:00am, Saturday 4 February, Opera House

Year: 1920-1922        Running Time:  1h 07 mins

Director: E.F. Cline & B Keaton

Starring: Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Sybil Seely

Cert: U

Three of Keaton’s classic short films featuring breathtaking stunts and feats of visual trickery, which never lose sight of slapstick cinema’s primary objective: laughter.

One Week (1920)

Newlyweds Buster and Sybil receive a flat-pack house that you can easily put together in one week as a wedding gift. However, Sybil’s rejected suitor sabotages the gift by messing around with the instructions.

Will they ever build their home sweet home?

The Goat (1921)

There are escapades a-plenty when a photography mishap causes Buster to be mistaken for bad guy Dead Shot Dan. Can Buster’s disguises and quick-thinking elude the the local police chief?

Cops (1922)

Buster accidentally gets in trouble with the whole Los Angeles Police Department leading to a huge chase through the city with involving hundreds of police officers.

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