Film and colour: A brief history of the use of colour in film

12-1pm, Saturday 16 March 2019

Circle Bar – 1st floor – through Opera House entrance (lift available)

Free, drop-in event

The use of colour over the history of film has adapted the way we look at film. This discussion will explore several topics relating to the use of colour in film, ranging from the development of colour film technology to the colourisation of films and why modern filmmakers choose to use black and white in film.

During this session, we’ll show several clips from a range of films old and new.


Casting, Filming and Film Editing with B&FC School of Creative Arts and Digital Industries

Casting Workshops

12pm, 2pm, 4pm Saturday 16 March 2019
Tickets: £2

Always wanted to try your hand at starring in a film?

Never had the time or training to explore the ways to get there?

Come along and join Scott Mines of Level Four Productions (in collaboration with B&FC School of Creative Arts and Digital Industries) as he takes you through why he likes to work with untrained talent, the audition exercises he runs when casting for films and live shows, and what you can do to take your first steps into the world of acting in Short Films.

This session is suitable for anyone with a love for the world of film and media, especially those with a passion for acting for camera.

All experience levels and abilities welcome.

Workshops last approximately 1 hour.


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Filming Workshop

1pm Saturday 16 March 2019
Tickets: £2

Fancy yourself the next Annie Leibovitz, Tim Burton or Steven Spielberg?

Well then, let’s kick start your career and get you on your way!

This workshop will teach you all the basic skills you need to know to create great content. You’ll get hands on filming experience and a peek behind the scenes of what it really takes to work in the film industry.

This session is suitable for anyone who is interested in making films, especially those who want to learn useful film-making tips and tricks.

All experience levels and abilities welcome.

The workshop will last approximately 2 hours.


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Film Editing Workshop

4:30pm Saturday 16 March 2019
Tickets: £2

Have you ever wondered how a film is edited?

Or how each shot transitions from one to the next so smoothly that the viewer doesn’t even notice?
If you are interested in learning the basic editing skills such as; basic transitions, effects and shortcuts with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, then come and join Imogen Bradley at 4pm Saturday 16th March for an interactive, hands-on editing workshop.

Workshop lasts approximately 1 hour.


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These workshops are in collaboration with B&FC School of Creative Arts and Digital Industries and will be run by students from the Digital Production and Filmmaking BA (Hons) course.

Ticket offer
Want to do all 3 workshops?
Just follow one of the above links and select the £5 ticket option for a place on 3 workshops:
  • Casting – 12pm
  • Filming – 1pm
  • Film Editing – 4pm


Animate Blackpool

10-3pm, Sat 16th March 2019

Family-friendly drop-in workshop


All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Come along and make funny animations using Blackpool’s amazing historic collections. Take a fresh look at the Albert Eden photography collection of Blackpool; send the Tower rocketing into the sky, put a funny hat on a 1950s holidaymaker, cover the beach in candyfloss! It’s all yours to play with.

Living Pictures will help you use iPads and apps to create some fantastic GIFs to be shared with the world. The activity is really simple and easy to pick up. You could spend 20 minutes creating a quick animation or stay for longer to create a digital masterpiece!

This activity is brought to you by Blackpool Museum Project with support from Heritage Blackpool.


Dystopia Utopia: Die! Goldstein

8:30pm, Saturday 16 March, Opera House

Running Time: 45 mins
Genre: Live Cinema, artist’s film
Cert: Suggested 12A

Step into a beautiful and jarring cinematographic soundscape in this terrifying and encouraging experimental, visual, post rock experience.  Mirroring alternative states of the human condition and its consequences, Die! Goldstein offers a harsh but hopeful journey of human experience, incorporating pressing societal issues through global imagery.

An inspiring and encouraging live cinema performance, accompanied by a collage of  many deconstructed films from a variety of sources, charting the progress from dark and desperate dystopian states to an enlightened, utopian present.
DIE! GOLDSTEIN is the Berlin-based project of sound composer, photographer and video maker Diego Mar. He has played more than 100 times live worldwide, in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Bangkok, and has shared a stage with bands such as Mogwai, Oceansize, Sakamoto and Vessels.
Tickets: £5
Join us in the bar after the screening for a Q&A with the artist and to hang out with other film fans.

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Cold War (2018) Zimna wojna

4:45pm, Saturday 16 March, Opera House

Year: 2018
Running Time: 1 hour 30 mins
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Genre: Romance, Drama, War
Language: French, Polish (English subtitles)
Awards: Best Director, 2018 Cannes Film Festival and nominated for 3 Academy Awards


Paweł Pawlikowski directs the stunning film Cold War, starring Tomasz Kot as Wiktor a music director who falls in love with singer Zula played by Joanna Kulig. This is an epic romance set in the 1950s against the backdrop of Europe after World War II. Sumptuously shot in luminous black and white, it spans decades and nations to tell a love story that is as tragic as it is moving.


In the ruins of post-war Poland, Wiktor and Zula fall deeply, obsessively and destructively in love. As performing musicians forced to play into the Soviet propaganda machine, they dream of escaping to the creative freedom of the West. But one day, as they spot their chance to make a break for Paris, both make a split decision that will mark their lives forever. As the years march on in the wake of that moment, Wiktor and Zula watch the world changing around them, always struggling to find their moment in time. Cold War is a passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatefully mismatched and yet condemned to each other.


Winner of the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, Pawlikowski melds the personal with the political to exquisite effect. Set to a soundtrack that takes you from the rustic folk songs of rural Poland to the sultry jazz of a Paris basement bar, it’s a wistful and dreamlike journey through a divided continent – and a heartbreaking portrait of ill-fated love.

Tickets £5
Book before 14 Feb for a 20% early bird discount.

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5 star reviews :

  • “Ida director Pawel Pawlikowski’s exquisitely chilling soviet-era drama maps the dark heart of Poland itself.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
  • “A beautifully composed tone poem to doomed love.” John Bleasdale, Cinevue
  • “A glorious throwback…made with a verve and lyricism which rekindles memories of the glory days of european new wave cinema.” Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent
  • “Kulig, as effervescent in her way as the young Jeanne Moreau, is the film’s life force.” Tim Tobey, The Telegraph


Working Class Heroes: A Taste of Honey (1961)

2:30pm Saturday 16 March 2019, Opera House

Year: 1961
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Director: Tony Richardson
Genre: Drama
Cert: 12

This gritty, multi award-winning screen adaptation of Shelagh Delaney’s play fits the ‘kitchen sink drama’ description perfectly. In 1960s Salford, 17-year-old Jo has a brief relationship with a black sailor called Jimmy. After he’s sailed she realises she is pregnant, but Jo’s problems are only just beginning.

This insightful classic of social realist film cleverly tackles the realities of economic deprivation, race, sexuality and class in a modern, refreshing way.

Rita Tushingham is astonishing in her debut role as Jo and look out for Dora Bryan as her absent, self-absorbed mother, Helen.

This screening will be followed by a talk and Q&A session on the British Film Institute’s Working Class Heroes season with special guest Danny Leigh.
Danny Leigh is the senior curator of fiction in the BFI National Archive. Danny came to the BFI in 2017 after a career in film journalism, writing for the Financial Times and the Guardian over more than 20 years. In TV and radio, he was co-host of the BBC1 Film programme for seven years. He has made documentaries about boxing movies for BBC4 and David Lynch for Radio 4, as well as two series for BBC Arts: Film Now: 21st Century Cinema and British Film Mavericks.
His areas of interest include class and British cinema, psychology on film and the film connections of Graham Greene.

Tickets £6.50
Or buy a double-bill ticket with Blackpool On Screen and receive a discount.

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Family Screening: The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

10:45am, Saturday 16 March 2019, Opera House

We’re pleased to bring you a special screening of the classic musical The Wizard of Oz at the magnificent Blackpool Opera House and kids go free!

Year: 1939

Running Time: 1h 38 mins

Director: Victor Fleming

Genre: Musical, fantasy

Starring:  Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger

Cert: U

A timeless family musical and one of cinema’s much loved productions, The Wizard of Oz (1939) sees young Dorothy Gale longing to escape black-and-white drudgery on a Kansas farm, for a life ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. During a dramatic tornado her wish comes true as she and her dog Toto are carried off into the sky. Suddenly in Oz, life is Technicolor bedazzlement. In a bid to return to Kansas, new friends Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion help her fend off the Wicked Witch to reach the Emerald City and the wonderful but never-before-seen Wizard of Oz.

As always fancy dress is not essential but positively encouraged! We have film festival goody bags for the top 5 best dressed.

Buy one adult ticket, get up to 2 child tickets free. 

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

If you wish to bring a group of children, please contact us directly.

Tickets: £5 per adult, up to 2 children go free with each adult.  Additional children’s tickets £2.50.

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Blackpool on Screen: The Other Side With Valerie Hope & Sequins (2018)

1pm, Saturday 16 March 2019, Opera House

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! This year, we’re pleased to host a double bill of two new films recently shot on location in Blackpool.

The films will be followed up with a Q&A session with directors Lucy Barrick and Michael Beddoes.

The Other Side With Valerie Hope

Year: 2018
Running Time: 17 minutes
Director: Lucy Barrick & Kieran Grant
Genre: Comedy, Thriller

 Washed-up celebrity psychic Valerie is kidnapped by Kim, a seemingly crazy fan. As they spend the evening in an abandoned B&B, it becomes clear that both women have something to hide… But which one is telling the truth, and which is bluffing for their life? And who is trying to reach them from beyond the grave?


Year: 2018
Running Time: 18 mins
Director: Michael Beddoes
Genre: Drama, comedy

SEQUINS is a coming of age comedy short film set in late 90s Blackpool. 17-year-old Paul’s journey of self-discovery takes a unique turn when he embarks on his ambition to become a drag queen, despite fear of ridicule from his peers and being ostracised by his family.

Opportunity presents itself when Paul meets drag queen Mimi Le Purr, a  seasoned performer at The Sequin Club in Blackpool. With the help of Roger, (Mimi out of drag), Paul embarks on a journey of transformation, both physically and emotionally.

A heartfelt comedy about learning to love yourself and trusting that those closest to you will accept you no matter what, Sequins is the “Frilly Elliot” of Drag.

Tickets £4.50

Film Cert: 12A (mild violence, a few instances of mild swearing)

Or buy a double-bill ticket with Working Class Heroes: A Taste of Honey (1961) and receive a discount.

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